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Refined Sunflower Oil 100 %

Refined Sunflower Oil 100 %
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Refined, deodorized in salads, for frying, cooking. Packaging possibilities: 1l, 2l, 5l, 10l, PET bottles, truck-tankers

The sunflower oil does NOT contain any GMO additives.


Organoleptic Qualities:

Appearance: Clear

Colour: Yellow, STAS 145/1-87

Odour and taste: Characteristic of the designated product


Physical and Chemical Qualities:

FFA,% oleic acid max.: 0,08, 

Moisture and volatile: 0,05

Matter, % max.:

Iodine colour, mgI2/100cm3: 1,5

Lovibond colour, 5“1/4 max.: 1,5R/15Y

Alcalinity,ppm max.: 30

Peroxide value, meq/Kg max.: 2,0

Iodien value , gI2/100g max: 119,0-135,0

Insoluble impurities,% max.: 0,05

Smoke point, oC min.: 282

Flash point –Pensky Martens, oC min.: 300

Linolenoc acid, % max.: 0,25